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Mukdahan High School ERIC 
Projects International
Ploy Palace Hotel

Mukdahan High School students continued their task of helping Ploy Palace Hotel develop an environmental business stategy.

Last year the students recommended that the hotel:

  1. train staff on importance of sustainable business practices
  2. increase maintenance to reduce waste
  3. conserve water by reducing the number of towels washed
  4. reduce waste by using refillable soap and shampoo containers
  5. conserve energy by using efficient light bulbs
  6. reduce waste through recycling programmes
  7. compost food waste
  8. recycle metal bottle caps
  9. elimate plastics
  10. elimate dangerous chemicals and materials
  11. cooperate with other hotels in the city to develop city wide plan
  12. cooperate with the local government
This year the students built on this knoweldge to create an Action-Plan for sustainability.

Please click here to read the Action-Plan for Sustainability


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