Supporting Information for Mekong FLNW2 Visit January 2008

Voices of Thai Teachers:

At the end of January this year I ran a 2 day workshop with Thai Teachers from the Northeast of Thailand, (the part of Thailand closest to the Mekong). It was an EON and Suranaree University of Technology venture. During the two days, teachers spoke about their wants and needs, their vision for the future and some tangible projects they would like to be a part.

9 Minute Video interviews with some of the 50 participants including high school, university, non-formal and vocational. (Big file 9mb but worth wait)

40 Second summary of my committment to the teachers during January 2 day workshop

14 Minute MP3 audio recording of teachers giving their vision for ICT projects in the region. (Another large file)

The Mekong Tourism Game:

During EON Symposium last year work was done on developing the concept of a Mekong Tourism Game that could be hosted on an EON domain. Pls take a few minutes to review and consider the following:

Your thoughts please.



John Eyles

Photos of the Mekong Region