The EON Foundation provides a global forum for advanced, interactive & mobile learning systems; to teach skills, inspire creativity, foster excellence and spark collaboration between people of all nations and languages. We offer a wealth of educational tools & resources for teachers, guides and mentors; and open new vistas of learning for students of all ages and needs, through intelligent use of design and innovative technologies.


John Eyles :

John is a co-founder and chair of the EON Foundation

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Charlie Brown:

Charlie Brown is a musician, web designer, new media artist and youth worker. He also hosts a drum and bass TV show. He lives on the small island of Waiheke in New Zealand.

Dr Lisa Galarnau:

Lisa Galarneau completed her PhD at New Zealand's University of Waikato Screen and Media Studies department. She works part time at the Redmond campus for Microsoft in their games lab. Leveraging her previous academic work in education and socio-cultural anthropology, as well as extensive professional experience in online learning design and development in the US, her research is looking at social learning associated with virtual worlds.

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Graham Harper

Graham Harper is an expert in curriculum development, English language training and Education for Sustainable Development. Originally from Canada, he has been teaching in Asia for more than 20 years. He has worked at the Mekong Institute, University of Khon Kaen, Thailand, leading the development of Greater Mekong Subregion regional training programmes. He is currently developing sustainable tourism initiatives in the GMS. He has a Masters degree in Education for Sustainable Development from the University of London.

Dr Howard Scott:

Dr Howard Scott is a strategic planning expert. He has postgraduate qualifications in political science, international business, fine arts, and law that were undertaken in New Zealand, France and China . He has lived and worked in Asia for more than 20 years as academic, artist and businessman. He currently resides in China.

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Loretta Brown:

Loretta is a Senior Associate at the New Zealand Leadership Institute, University of Auckland working across all programmes in development, facilitation and research. As Founding Director of The New Zealand Mentoring Centre, Loretta has been involved with providing professional, ethical and accountable Leadership Mentoring services for over 7 years.Loretta has a Masters degree from Massey University, Department of Social Policy and Social Work. Her expertise in leadership development and mentoring is based on a career in change facilitation, community development, Local and Central Government Policy Analysis, Professional Supervision, University based social research, programme evaluation and lecturing. 

Merin Waite:

Merin Waite is Director of the Centre of Foreign Languages and International Education at Eastern International University in Vietnam. He has more than 20 years experience as an educator, especially in South East and Eastern Asia.

Rosie Walford:

Rosie is a psychologist by training, with an MA in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University. She specialised in strategic planning at J Walter Thompson and Leo Burnett, (international ad agencies), rising to board level. She trained in creative problem-solving at the Creative Education Foundation, New York, in coaching at Zenergy in New Zealand, and in group facilitation with one of the founding fathers of the field. She invented Stretch Strategic Thinking to help companies resolve thorny questions (BBC, Body Shop, Great Western Trains, Safeway), or get deep alignment around their future direction: (GlaxoSmithKline, New Covent Garden, Lemon Jelly). Rosie practices Stretch thinking in the not for profit sector (Comic Relief, Friends of the Earth, Action Aid, EON). She teaches and coaches worldwide.

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Zen Player:

Zen is a painter, new media artist and entrepreneur currently living in Australia. In 1999 Zen conceived and launched Hypertainment in association with Warners music - an early hybrid combining music and reward driven gaming. He went on to develop a vision for learning games. He is a founding trustee of EON and designer of the logo.

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