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About Projects International

English is the global language in our rapidly changing world. For better or worse most of today's global economy, scientific research, entertainment and information services are conducted in English. As such, education systems worldwide promote competence in English for students. However, having communicative competence in English does not mean that students will have the action or critical competence needed to make our world a better place to live.

Projects International encourages teachers to take part in helping our students make a difference. Projects International encourages students to develop their communicative / action / critical competencies to make positive contributions in the global civil society. Projects International encourages integrating Education for Sustainability (EfS) into the EFL classroom through projectwork.

Sounds difficult? Seeing is believing!

 Projects International was started by a group of English teachers trying to create positive examples of what students can achieve. To date projects have been started in Japan,Thailand and more is planned in New Zealand and Canada.

Projects International accepts that there are many paths to achieving sustainability, and would therefore like to work with all groups.


Anyone interested in helping to achieve a more sustainable future is welcome to join our group. Please contact: Sandra Bullock - Secretary sandrab@e-o-n.org



  • Pachern Kirdthongkham (Thai)- Mukdaharn High School English Department. Manager ERIC Mukdaharn
  • Joan Harper (Canadian) - Educator, University of British Columbia (retired)
  • John Eyles (New Zealand)- Trustee of the Eon Foundation. Director of English-To-Go Internet Language Learning ( www.english-to-go.com ).
  • Yoshiro Mori (Japanese) - Tokyo businessperson
  • Graham Harper (Canadian) - Projects International Founder / Curriculum Coordinator(graham@e-o-n.org)
  • Merin Waite ( British) - British Council Singapore

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