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"Working as it does, through English-as-Foreign-Language teachers, Projects International is one of the most transferable, practical approaches yet." Guardian Newspaper UK. 2002

Projects International (PI) is a network of educators working to develop our student's communicative / action competence to participate positively as citizens in a global society. We do this by working with schools, businesses and civil society organizations to integrate Education for Sustainability (EfS) project work with English as a Foreign Language (EFL) curriculum.

This work is pioneering a new field in education called "English for Sustainability".

English for Sustainability's goal is globally communicative students able to take individual and cooperative actions for an economically prosperous and environmentally sound future for all life.

Feature Project:  The Mekong: A Living Classroom

Community-based English for Sustainability projects linking schools, businesses and communities throughout the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS).

The Mekong River has great economic and trade potential. It also has important cultural and natural diversity. Some people see the Mekong as a resource to utilize and develop. Some people see the Mekong as a resource to respect and preserve. We see it as a living classroom. Learn more >>

"...without significant precautions, education can equip people merely to be more effective vandals of the earth." (Orr 1999)

World Summit 2002:

Projects International featured at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development with students from Mukdahan High School, Thailand, talking live to world leaders at Johannesburg. Learn more >>

Projects International participated in the 2003 Energy Globe event for World Sustainability - this year we were shortlisted - next year?

For more information about PI and English for Sustainability, please contact Graham Harper - EON Foundation Director. Mekong Institute, University of Khon Kaen. Thailand.

Thank you.


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