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English for Sustainability Projects:  

Mukdahan High School, Thailand has conducted two community-based English for Sustainability projects. 2001 and 2002.

The first Project Mukdaharn asked students to conduct an environmental audit of the Ploy Place Hotel. The largest International hotel in the city.

The second Project Mukdahan asked students to create an action-plan for sustainability for the Ploy Palace Hotel management and staff.

"The 30-minute [telephone] interview I had with UN staff was barely enough to tell them about everything we did,'' said Supannee Ariyamukda, who gave a report on the two-year project." Extract from Bangkok Post article. September 5th 2002.

Projects International helped Thai high school students let their voice be heard at WSSD 2002 in Johannesburg via Virtual Exhibit

"On behalf of the Virtual Exhibition we would like to invite you to take part in the interactive sessions being hosted from our studio - called The Cube - in the Sandton Conference Centre in Johannesburg. Our ultimate goal for the Virtual Exhibition is to have interaction between people in the field and the Summit." The Virtual Exhibition Team

Projects International works in association with English-To-Go and the Thai Education Ministry ERIC offices to provide a teacher training workshop for high school English teachers from the provinces of the north east of Thailand.

(Dr. Athipat Cleesuntorn, Deputy Minister for Education joined the start of this teacher training initiative in Mukdaharn province.)

Training workshops have also been organized directly through school and education offices.


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