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Nga Mihi

Ka piti hono tatai honote hunga mate ki nga hunga mate, ka piti hono tatai hono ki nga hunga ora ki te hunga ora. Noreira, ka rere nga mihi nunui ki nga kaitautoko. Kia a koutou, nga kai waiata ara, ko Jay . raua ko Angela..nga mihi nui. Ki a Pene Hati raua ko Ngahine Wilson mo a raua waiata nga mihi nunui hoki. Ki a Toa raua ko Moana Makapelu mo a raua awhi nga whakawhetai. Ava Eyles raua ko Salila Eyles nga mihi mo a raua awhina. Ma tou rourou ma taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi!

Michelle Lee raua ko John Eyles

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We like to thank all of those who assisted in the production of this resource. Many thanks to Pene Hati, Ngahine Wilson, Jay and Angela for their time and performances. We would also like to thank Ava and Salila Eyles and also Moana and Toa Lee-Makapelu for their support and assistants, along with the other members of the Eyles and Lee Families. Also a big thank you to FLinNZ for providing funding for the project. With your food basket and my food basket we will feed many.

Michelle Lee and John Eyles

The following waiata - songs have been selected for their simplicity and versatility for such ceremonial occasions as a powhiri and tangi. 

This is an introduction to Maori waiata with the waiata having been grouped into three levels according to the level of skill required to learn them.

Please note that contexts in which the song can be performed and translations of the Waiata have been provided however, meanings within all song forms are open to different interpretations. Where possible composers have been acknowledged.

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Ever been stuck for a song?

Attending a powhiri and need to learn a Waiata?

Or even a Tangi?

Then this is the resource for you.

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